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This capability will allow European and NATO air forces to safely operate within EU territories and the projection of the force in other potential areas of operations. The system shall be interoperable with the existing and planned EU member states assets and in cross-domain operations. The project covers the design, development and testing of a multi-jamming capability (including stand-off, stand-in and escort jamming), that will be based in state-of-the-art existing technological cores at European industries level, including in particular Cyber Electro Magnetic Activities (CEMA).

The system should follow a modular development approach, able to be integrated inside the aircraft or in a pod configuration, in order to be compatible with different aircrafts, manned and unmanned, of interest of the EU member states. The goal of the system is to enable a platform for Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA) missions that could adapt to the latest in electronic warfare requirements, which include (soft) suppression of enemy air defences, escort/modified-escort role, non-traditional electronic attack, self-protected/time-critical strike support, and continuous capability enhancement.


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